SHAREit APK Download Android Free (Latest) App

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Welcome to the guide which will help you get SHAREit APK download for Android, and that too without paying anything. I sympathetically ask you to take after the total guide which we have given here.

You should be doubly sure while installing any application or games using its APK, in light of the fact that the source APK file may contain malicious code, and may demolish the protection and security of your gadget.

The application can be found over the Google play store, official PC store, Windows Phone store, and even for iPhone and iPad. You need a committed and good cell phone or tablet or a Windows controlled PC, to start utilising this application.

Now, to install the app on any android device, you got two methods of doing it. First method is the process to get the app directly from Google Play Store.

Launch the Google Play Store and search for SHAREit and then install it as you do with other applications.

Download SHAREit APK for Android

Or, the second way is to directly get it from its APK file you can install the app directly after
downloading the APK file

All you need is to get the APK file from a trusted site as it ensures its free from any virus and you also have to make some changes in your device.


The option will be found under the Security setting of your device. There you need to click on a check box with label ‘Unknown sources’. This option means you can install apps which are not downloaded from Google Play Stores. After doing this setting you can install any apps and games which are not avaiable on Play Store or due to some reason you can`t use Play Store.

Below is the link to download SHAREit Apk file Once downloaded, you need to transfer the file into the Android device, and tap on the same.

After then, tap on the Install option ahead and the app will be installed on its own, within few seconds. Was it simple enough for you to remember in future?

How to use :

 Once the app is installed you can find any of your friends who is also having the same app and then you can connect both of your devices and you will be able to transfer files from one device to other device.

The app uses Wi-Fi Direct technology which is safe, because it creates a private connection between the two devices.

The transfer speed is truly very fast and you will have a good experince with the app.

Conclusion : SHAREit Android APK App

 All the SHAREit users are addicted to the app after the first use as it transfer speed is unbeatabe and the app never forces you to click on ads as other application do.

At long last, everything is over, and you can start utilizing the application right away. Dispatch it from the App launcher, and it will be prepared to impart documents and envelopes to any number of your companions on the web, likewise utilizing the same application. Bear in mind to impart this manual for every one of them, so that they all can come web based utilizing the same application. Peace.

I additionally trust that you appreciated this manual for download SHAREit APK Android Free and please continue going by SHAREit Download.
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SHAREit for PC Download Free (Windows 7/8/8.1) & Mac

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Hey Everyone in this post I am going to share you the steps to download SHAREit for PC which is now available for Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and 10 also.

Before getting started let me tell you few things before this application was only supported on Android, iPhone & Windows Phone only but due to high demand from users this application was also made available for PCs.

Now you don't have to use cables, USB this application has made life easier by the use of SHAREit PC App you can easily transfer files at a very high speed without many limitations.

By the help of SHAREit PC App, you can transfer files from PC to phone, phone to PC.

In this particular post, i will share various methods to help you download SHAREit for Windows as well as for MAC yes you heard it right for mac too officially SHAREit is not available for Mac  but don’t worry we have some methods with which you can download SHAREit on Mac also.

SHAREit for PC Free Download – Windows 7/8/8.1/10 :

In order to install SHAREit app for PC, you must follow the instructions given below be sure not to skip any step otherwise you may face problems (if you face any problem then you can ask me in the comment section)

SHAREit app is only availble for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Windows OS, and below I have given the official method to download SHAREit for PC with the working and official links.

1- First of all the visit the official website of Lenovo SHAREit.
2- Now click on download in the menu bar
3- Here you will get the working official download link for SHAREit Desktop version
4- Just download it and install the same into your system.


I am quite sure you haven't had any difficulties while downloading.

If you are still confused or you don't know how to install SHAREit in your PC then read further.

How to use SHAREit on PC?

Just after downloading the software, click on the setup and let the installation process start.

1- Start SHAREit from the menu.
2- There you will find two options just click on Connect Android device.

3- After doing that switch to your phone wheater iPhne or Andriod and there you click on Connect PC.

4- Now you will find available networks there you select your laptop or PC name.

5-Now you are connected and you can start sharing files.

I hope that it’s really easy to use SHAREit for PC for you guys as the program and app are very much user-friendly.

Download SHAREit for Mac :

As I already said above that SHAREit app is not officially available for Mac but there are some safe to follow unofficial steps which work like charm.

There is an app called Andyroid which is easy to use Android Emulator program which is available for Mac devices.

1- Download Andyroid from the official site.
2-Follw the instructions and you are done with it.
3- Now it may ask you to connect your google account without any hesitation connect it as its safe.
4- Now you can enjoy the android stuff on your Mac.
5- Like you download and install apps on Android devices, in the same way, install “SHAREit App” here.

So, guys, this was the unofficial method which I was talking about I hope you now able to use SHAREit on Mac.

I personally use this method and I play games use WhatsApp and many other kinds of stuff and I never faced any issue.

Features of SHAREit for PC or Mac :

Now you all know how to download SHAREit on PC so now let me make you aware of its features.

1- Consumes less Battery.
2- Works with all devices with inter-platform connectivity.
3- This app much better and faster than other applications. (I don't want to include any others company name)
4- 60 Times faster than Bluetooth.

That's all guys I wanted to share about SHAREit app for PC.

I hope you enjoyed the article and it helped you to install SHAREit on your PC.

If you faced any issue while downloading or while installing SHAREit then please let me know about it.
Please keep on visiting our site SHAREit Download App in future.
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SHAREit Android App Free Download (Official Download Link)

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Hello Everyone before starting this guide let me tell you one thing if you are on PC or Mac or any device other than Andriod then please open this web page on your android phone on which you want to download SHAREit. And if it's already opened in Andriod phone then no worries Let's move.

In this post, I am going to share the link to the latest version and that too from official source.

The first version of SHAREit was not much good in terms of performance but the second version was much better in terms if UI, and performance, compared to the first initial one.

But recently this app was updated in its 3rd version on which the company had not done many changes only the look has made simple and easier for the users to use.

Move ahead download the app and you will be ready use this app.

Once the application launches you can connect it with your friends and you will be able to transfer apps, files, folder etc instantly.

This is completely free and the best part is it does not contain any advertisement inside. This never hurts the user experience, and thus, you’re getting a top-notch experience, all the time.

SHAREit for Android Free Download :

Below is the official link to download SHAREit for your Android device click on the link below in order to download SHAREit

SHAREit for Android Download (Google Playstore)

As soon as you click the download link above you will be on the official listing of the SHAREit app inside the Play store, then you will find an install button simply click on it and then one

Features of SHAREit App Android :

The main feature of this app is that it allows wireless transfer so forget all those tradition of using USB or other cables.

There is nothing wrong with their functionality, but they don’t offer very high speed, and also they carry high-risk of carrying a malware.

  • So, you can safeguard your computer and data available inside, by using the apps like SHAREit.
  •  Because, these apps use the technology of Wi-Fi Direct, which never get any malware of anything.
  • This is because, it uses a private connection of which other than server and host, no one can be aware of.
  • This is how the app offers security and complete privacy. Unless you share the app with someone, it will never be sharing anything with anyone. You are always offered a detailed instructions before moving ahead with the file sharing, and you get a chance to select the other person.

Thus, you are always aware to whom you are sending files and from whom you are reciving files you can share heavy files without any difficulties.

I hope the process was simple and took place without any issues at all. You can begin sharing this guide with all your friends, so that they can also get to download SHAREit for Android, and join you in the revolution. Please visit our blog SHAREit Download in future also.

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SHAREit Download for PC, APK, Android & iPhone Free

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Hello Everyone this site or blog is completely dedicated to you here in this site or blog we have published a step by step  guide for you to download SHAREit App  from official site of SHAREit for Android, iPhone and Computer.

If you want to download SHAREit App Apk or for any other platform you want to download SHAREit like iPhone, Windows PC or Mac then you are here at right place Here at we have published a guide post which will help you to download the app. You must download the app from the official source only.

You don`t worry about the version since we keep on updating our site with the latest version available. SHAREit is one of the best and coolest application developed by Lenovo which helps us to share files from one device to others and the best part is it even allows inter-platform file sharing which most of you guys were complaining that you are unable to share data, files etc from Android devices to iPhone, to PC or  Mac. But this application has made things really easier now this app removes that restriction and allows you to share files from Android to iPhone, to PC and even Mac. so get excited this app will help you a lot.

SHAREit App will save lot of your time as its allows you to send media files like images, videos and docs with super fast speed.

And there is no file size limit you can send files as small as 1MB to 10GB. It's Cool Naaa

This awesome application is available for Android, Windows PC,  Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and Macbook and that too completely free.


Download SHAREit for Android, iPhone, PC & APK :

As I already said this site or blog provides official link to download SHAREit App for Android, iPhone, Computer and Mac and that too without any issue.


I forget to tell you about one of its feature before which I will be sharing now and the feature is it does not need USB or any other wires to transfer data it don't even need Bluetooth  it works on the latest technology of Wi-Fi Direct connect which enables it to transfer files between devices within few seconds.
So, let`s get started with the main part post with downloading links starts from here.

Download SHAREit for Android (Official) :

In this section, I am providing the 100% genuine working link to download SHAREit for Android phones which include all Android smartphones like- Samsung, HTC, Lava, Lenovo, etc.
It does not matter which brand smartphone you are using SHAREit supports every Android Smartphone no matter which company phone it is.
Now all you need is to head over to the link provided below in order to download SHAREit for android smartphone
Now forget all those traditional methods of sharing files with cable, USBs, flash drive etc. Those days are long gone instead of following traditional  way all you need is to download SHAREit App for your Android smartphone and share files with 10x speed.

                                                                         Download Link


Let me highlight some of the best features:
  • Enables you and your friends to transfer and receive files at a time
  • Clean and user-friendly interference.
  • Transferring speed is as high as 15-20 Mbps
  • 100% Safe and helps you to protect your privacy
  • Free for Everyone

SHAREit App for iPhone Download :

Yes, you heard it right this app is also available for available for iOS uses so that you can download this app for iPhone or even iPad.
Not only you can share images, videos or any type files with fellow iPhone users but you can even send the same to Android users and to PC also.
You need to visit this link so that you can download SHAREit for iPhone instantly.

Features :

As you all know its a pain to ass sending files from  iPhone to Android but that problem is solved now.
Now you can share files from iPhone to Android devices without any difficulty.

SHAREit Download APK Latest Android Version:

Here I am going to provide you the SHAREit APK file which will help you to install this app into your Android device without play store. As we all android users face a common issue with storage in budget Android phone which has only 1 GB internet memory which is occupied with system apps only hence I am not able to download any app from the official store, in such cases this APK file plays really important as you can directly install apps into phone.

Visit the link before to download SHAREit Apk file.

Understanding you difficulties I have added this Apk file to solve your problem which most of you guys face while installing apps from Google Play Store.

SHAREit for PC or Mac Download – Guide :

Do you guys know what is special in this app? It's also available for PC or Mac which helps to transfer any kind of file from PC to smartphone or from Smartphone to PC it's really a cool feature now forget that tradition of using cables and messy wires.

And you don't have to attach stuff together to share data from any corner of your room you can share files.

Here is the link to download SHAREit for PC you can take help of screenshots below if you are confused how it works

Features :

  • No need of Caples, Wires
  • Virus free
  • Send any file from PC to mobile or phone to PC easily

How to use SHAREit Download App – Complete Tutorial :

If you are a newbie and don't know how to use SHAREit then don't worry you have to click here and you will be redirected to page where I have a Complete Tutorial of using SHAREit which will help you to understand how it works.

Wrap Up : SHAREit Download

I hope that I have covered every topic if you think I have missed anything then please let me know about it via comments.

Let me confirm one more thing that downloading links provided on this site are 100% safe, Ads free, Virus-free.

I hope that you enjoyed this post on how to download SHAREit App for PC, Android, iPhone and even SHAREit APK App for Android. Please keep on visiting this website as we are going to provide more guides and tutorial in future on this blog.

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