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Hey Everyone welcome back to SHAREit Download App if you are looking for a guide to download SHAREit App then you are here at the right place. Here at, we have published a great post which will help you to Download SHAREit App for free.

We all love to share data, files, music with our friends and family but few apps takes too long which puts everyone down when we all needed something which is ezeezy peezy to use which needs low requirement, runs on low or lower model of devices at the time SHAREit came which meets all our requirements it made things really easy and fast.

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If you are using a device other than android then you must follow the links below as this post contains guide which helps you to Download SHAREit App for Android.

The method I`m going to share is pure official it contains the official download link.

The first version of SHAREit was not much good in terms of performance but the second version was much better in terms if UI, and performance, compared to the first initial one. But recently this app was updated in its 3rd version on which the company had not done many changes only the look has made simple and easier for the users to use.

Before moving ahead to the main post I would like to tell you about the history of SHAREit. How it came, who developed, which company does it below stuff like that.

About SHAREit App

SHAREit is a free app which uses WiFi to transfer files from one device to other. The one who is using this app can share any kind of stuff like- Photo, Music, Data etc. SHAREit App is free to use which is now currently available in 39 languages. It is a free application from Lenovo.

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SHAREit App offers fast speed than Bluetooth and NFC it has changed the old tradition of using Bluetooth and its 100% secure and safe to use.

Bluetooth and USB sharing has a lot of disadvantages like they are very slow and the chances of getting malicious data or file transferred from one device to another, thus, hurting the foreign device or PC in connection.

Why is SHAREit the Best App?

The reason which keeps SHAREit to the top position is it's easy to use its interface is neat and clean easy to understand and the speed of sharing of data is very fast then other apps this is the reason why SHAREit App ranks to #1 position.

Minimum Requirement to use SHAREit App on Android

  • The device must have WiFi functionality.
  • Minimum RAM of 512MB
  • At least 50MB Free Space
Now it`s time to move ahead to the main part and that is - SHAREit App Free Download for Android.

As soon as the installation part will finish you will be able to transfer files and data with your friends fast and easily.
This is completely free and the best part is it does not contain any advertisement inside. This never hurts the user experience, and thus, you’re getting a top-notch experience, all the time.

SHAREit App Download
SHAREit App Download

 SHAREit for Android Free Download:

 Below is the official link to download SHAREit for your Android device click on the link below in order to download SHAREit


 As soon as you click the download link above you will be on the official listing of the SHAREit app inside the Play store, then you will find an install button simply click on it and then one

How to use SHAREit App?

  • On the phone, you have your files to send, press “Send”.
  • Select all the files you want to share with your friends. There is no upper limit to the size, type or number of files you want to share in one go. Choose documents, videos, songs and pictures just as easily. 
  • Go ahead and press next, and you’ll see a radar-like a screen. 
  • Tell your friends to press “Receive” on their app screens. 
  • Search and tap their icons on your screen. They should be visible in a short while. 
  • That’s it! Your files will blaze right across. The speed is almost 200 times that you get on Bluetooth. So you can imagine it isn’t going to take more than a few minutes to copy entire GBs of data which would ordinarily take close to an hour.

 Features of SHAREit App Android:

The main feature of this app is that it allows wireless transfer so forget all those traditions of using USB or other cables.
There is nothing wrong with their functionality, but they don’t offer very high speed, and also they carry high-risk of carrying a malware.
  • So, you can safeguard your computer and data available inside, by using the apps like SHAREit. 
  • Because, these apps use the technology of Wi-Fi Direct, which never get any malware of anything.
  • This is because, it uses a private connection of which other than server and host, no one can be aware of.
This is how the app offers security and complete privacy. Unless you share the app with someone, it will never be sharing anything with anyone. You are always offered a detailed instructions before moving ahead with the file sharing, and you get a chance to select the other person.

Thus, you are always aware to whom you are sending files and from whom you are receiving files you can share heavy files without any difficulties.

I hope the process was simple and took place without any issues at all. You can begin sharing this guide with all your friends so that they can also get to download SHAREit for Android and join you in the revolution. Please visit our blog SHAREit Download in future also.
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